Privacy Policy

From 25th May 2018 a new Privacy Policy comes into place from the General Data protection Regulations (GDPR). Please find Dembones, Osteopathic Clinic policy below:

1.Who we are

Dembones is an Osteopathic Clinic run by Ann Nolan, registered Osteopath to the above address who complies with the General Osteopathic Councils (GOsC) Fitness To Practice guidelines.

2. Personal Data

All data is held by Ann Nolan, registered Osteopath, Dembones, Chilli Pilates, Stanbourough Road, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, AL8 6DQ. Through consultations and treatments, you are asked many personal details eg name, address, DOB, phone no. health information, scan results, medication and other issues. You are asked to sign a form consent before any treatment is undertaken and terms and conditions. Any information from website, texts, email, telephone, verbal conversations, written information, clinical audits are detailed in your notes. This information is used towards your ongoing treatments to give the best professional healthcare and advice. Access to your records can be requested verbally or in writing. Dembones, has a month to comply and has the right to refuse a request or charge if in excess.

3. Legitimate Interests

To treat all clients, children or adult with all types of complaints with equality, religious beliefs, respectfully, within my professional ability to provide the best professional healthcare. To listen and understand the individual and explaining every aspect of a consultation(s) treatment(s) and risks if appropriate to make sure the clients and I are in an agreement.

4. Security

Data is not sold on and is held in the United Kingdom and is not sold outside the European Economic Area (EEA). It is held securely in a locked filing cabinet and several security key coded doors and electronic information is coded for security. The client`s data is held for eight to thirty-five years; if the client is a child, until their twenty fifth birthday. Persons enquiring on the website are asked for name, age, email, phone no., complaint details. Easykey based at Harlow; is backed up by their servers with any personal information on enquires via the website with Avast Business Antivirus Cloud Care which is used to monitor any viruses, email attachment scanning, identity protection. Cookies are used on the website to analyse and track performance. Mailerlite is used to send newsletters, your contact details and interactions with email newsletters may be saved on their server;

5. Marketing purposes

You are asked for your written or verbal consent if your details can be used for promotions, newsletters (that can be unsubscribed) leaflets, website, posters, referrals, Facebook, testimonials. Sometimes your data is used for surveys, statistics, research, clinical audits which are always anonymous.

6. Third party

It is not shared with third parties unless you have consented to this in writing or verbally. This can be a person at The Chilli Pilates Centre, other professionals eg doctors, physiotherapist, chiropractor, consultant’s reports and other health professionals for X-rays, MRI,

CT, bloods and medical insurance companies which is recorded in your notes to give you the best professional healthcare treatments.

7. Individual Right

  • to be informed of what is recorded eg your details as described above
  • to access your records free of charge within a reasonable time
  • to rectify any errors on your data
  • to be forgotten eg erasure any medical information
  • to restrict any processing eg if there is a legal matter
  • to data portability eg have it sent to another Chilli Pilates Centre or an alternative practice by verbal or written consent
  • to withdraw consent by verbal or written
  • to object eg not participate in marketing, clinical audits, statistics processing
  • to lodge a complaint with Ann Nolan, Chilli Pilates, Stanborough Road, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, AL8 6DQ or The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) Osteopathy House 176 Tower Bridge Road, London, SE1 3LU.

8. Processing Personal Data

Dembones is to provide a professional healthcare enquires, consultation(s) and treatment(s) to work within their professional ability with the consent verbally or written from our clients.

9. Consent

The client adult or child should be initially capable to make decisions of their own of the purpose, nature and risks of examination(s) and treatment(s). If they are incapable of giving consent due to illness, mental capacity a guardian, parent, carer, chaperone, health professional can give verbal or written consent which is recorded in their notes. Ann Nolan can refuse to treat if it is felt unsafe and can refer to another professional.

10. Children

A child must understand and have the capacity to understand what is involved depending on their maturity and why their data is required. A child under sixteen and a young person aged sixteen to seventeen years can be treated if they have the sufficient maturity and intelligent to understand what is involved in the examination(s), treatment(s) and risks. Children can be treated with consent from a parent, guardian, health professional, carer. Child friendly ways are used to communicate with the child eg pictures, books, mobile devices eg iPad. Ann Nolan can refuse to treat if it is felt unsafe or refer to another professional.

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