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Ann Nolan has helped me enormously. Not only has she given me a greater understanding of my osteoarthritis but her excellent treatment has relieved my pain significantly. From day 1 her friendly and down to earth nature made me feel at ease and her caring attitude allowed me to give her my full trust. I have been suffering with a very painful shoulder which has also benefitted greatly from her acupuncture therapy. All in all I would highly recommend Ann to anyone in need of treatment.

M. Turner, Welwyn Garden City, Herts

I've had back pain for as long as I can remember, but over the past five years it`s become significantly worse. I'm so glad I found Ann, by chance because I had a complimentary session on the vibration couch, which was wonderful. I had significantly reduced pain briefly after that session.

The different thing about Ann is that she has so many options for therapy, and works in a truly holistic way. They say your GP knows you best, well mine doesn't. Ann knows my health issues and my physical abilities better than anybody else. Over a few months I am definitely improving. I can walk into town and window shop for a couple of hours without developing intense back pain and having to get home. I now do a fitness class, which was just not possible this time last year. Its not a quick fix but if you are prepared to put some time and effort in, she'll vastly improve your quality of life.

L. Dewar, Welwyn Garden City, Herts

I have had a problem with an extremely knotted upper back, stiff neck, and some shoulder problems for several years now, which regular massages have only eased temporarily. Ann managed to get to the cause (or causes should I say) straight away, and has solved the problem for me. I am extremely grateful to her, her diagnostic skills, and her magic hands!

R. Wilkins, Welwyn Garden City, Herts

I was referred to Ann by a colleague of mine in January 2011 but did not make my first appointment until February 2011 as I was suffering from severe lower back pain which got worst during "time of month". After my first appointment, I was sore for a day or two but started seeing the benefits. By the second appointment all symptoms of pain a week prior to "time of month" disappeared. I was then presented with knee pain, which she working on.

I now refer to Ann as my "top-to-toe" lady. Wherever the problems are, she helps towards easing the pain. You get a thorough examination and you are almost pain-free by the time the session is over. For the relief you get, every penny is worth it!

J. Wright, Stevenage, Herts.

During my rehabilitation from a hip replacement I was at the end of my tether as I was not making any progress until I accidentally met Ann, who was the only person who listened to my problem and suggested suitable treatment to put me on my road to recovery. Since meeting Ann my recovery has gone on leaps and bounds. I would recommend Ann to anyone in need of her professional services.

E. McEwan, Stevenage, Herts

Ann Nolan, Osteopath or as I call her: Ms Magic Fingers!

She can find and treat every little niggly bit with your body but best of all is her capability to listen and understand what you as the client is telling her about your body!

You really do get what you pay for with Ann, pain and pleasure in the best possible way :)

L. Weymelka, St Albans

I have been seeing Ann for around 18 months. I suffer from MS affecting my balance and my mobility. This results in back pain due to my imbalance. I see Ann on a monthly basis and find that her therapy relieves my pain and improves my whole well being. I recently had a fall resulting in chronic back pain and difficulty in walking. I saw Ann immediately and she relieved all my problems and gave me back my mobility.

I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who suffers from any pain.

Thanks Ann

R. Garland, Goffs Oak, Hertfordhsire

After suffering from back problems for many years and undergoing two operations I have finally found an Osteopath who listens to my body and understands my problems. Ann works diligently on every part of my body, releasing the tension and any pain and as a result I'm feeling so much better mentally and physically. I thoroughly recommend Ann to anyone who wants to invest in their body for the future as its 100% money well spent.

J. Page, Brookmans Park

"I am a 58 year old Hungarian woman living in England. Because of having recurring spinal problems since I was 35, following my friends advice I turned to Ann.

Ann prepared a very detailed compilation of all my ills (and I had a few!), before she started on my treatment; you must realise that she treats all her patients as a "complete unit".

She is very keen to make certain, that I understand what she is doing for what purpose and why.

As a result it is easier to bear even the occasionally painful treatment. Her actions, her treatments are generally painless, rather pleasant.

On all occasions I left her in a very pleasant, relaxed state.

My sleep has become peaceful, relaxed – the importance of which is more and more emphasized by the medical profession. Before Ann`s treatments I not only turned and twisted at night, but virtually threw myself around in bed; no wonder I awoke tired.

My previous problems with holding my waters have also greatly improved.

Pains radiating from my spine into my shoulder have stopped – pains in various different parts of my body (my waist, my feet, etc.) have also become minimal.

And all this after just three treatments of Ann!

I – who have been suffering from the degenerative problems of my spine and its consequences, can recommend taking full advantage of Ann Nolan`s help, to all my fellow sufferers and to all those who would wish to prevent problems, to the care of he angelic Ann, with all my heart."

G. Sarratt, Herts

"I first met Ann at the Mobility Show at Peterborough in 2010.

I have had full replacements of both knee and hip on my left side, I had not received a lot of physiotherapy and was having great trouble standing or moving, suffering from cramps. Ann told me she could help so I booked up an appointment with her, Best thing I have ever done in my life.

I have been seeing her every other weekend since, all my muscles were knotted up, painful and were stressed, due to her help I am standing better, walking better, and rarely ever suffer from cramp, She has helped me by supplying orthotics to go in my shoes to help my muscles cope better, result a lot less pain, she recommended I dispense with my walking sticks and use a walker another success.

I have recommended Ann to some of my friends and they have also had very good results, and would recommend her to anyone. If she can’t help she will tell you so. She also uses acupuncture which I also found useful. "

Peter, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

"It is true that rotary cuff injuries to the shoulder can take forever to heal properly and despite NHS physio and cautious use of my arm 18 months on the pain still lingered. In desperation I turned to Ann for a course of acupuncture. With her clear and informative dialogue, as she carried out the treatment, my initial fear of the needles was allayed and I could feel the benefits even after one session. After several more appointments the pain completely stopped so, thank you Ann!"

V. Cushen, Hertforshire

"I was training for one of the biggest challenges of my life- to complete a 100km walk in less than 30 hours across the South Downs Way. Not being the fittest person in the world and after dusting down my gym pass I'd been trying to complete some training walks when disaster struck.

Walking in Kimpton I suddenly came to a halt with a searing pain later diagnosed as a problem with my Piriformis. I had only 4 weeks to go before " The Walk" and I couldn't move more than one step without getting searing pain.

I went to see Ann after being recommended by a friend, she very quickly diagnosed the issue and started work on it. After 2 treatments I was back walking 20 miles, after 8 treatments I successfully completed 100Km (62 miles in old money) in July 08 with no pain from my Piriformis (although plenty of pain from my feet!). I still visit Ann for some maintenance work monthly, it keeps me going- people often visit Chiropodists, Dentists on a regular basis and I think it's just as important to visit a qualified Osteopath."

G. Thornton, Datchworth, Hertfordshire

"I have been treated by Ann Nolan for back problems in the past. Whenever she treated me I found her to be extremely professional in her approach and she had a very calm and caring manner. She explained the treatment thoroughly beforehand and I had complete confidence in her. After the treatment I found the pain was reduced and the long term results were good. Mrs. Nolan provided very good follow up advice and the problem to my back improved significantly."

C. Moore, Buntingford Hertfordshire

"Having had lower back pains for quite some time, I visited Mrs. Nolan for Acupuncture treatment. She explained to me my problem and how this could be treated. I was very sceptical as I had never had Acupuncture before. After talking to me and reassuring me about the needle insertions I was ready for some treatment. I would not say that it worked straight away but over the next few hours the pains subsided. I have been back to have more Acupuncture treatment and my back is a lot healthier than when I first went to her."

Mr. Flaherty, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire

"Part-way through my training programme for a long-distance hiking challenge I developed shoulder and ankle injuries. I'd never before visited an osteopath; to be honest I had always imagined such practitioners to be pseudo-medical people who charged large fees and gave little in return, other than massaging a few muscles. How wrong could I be. Ann was knowledgeable about muscle and skeletal problems and over several weeks by working on shoulder, neck, back, legs and feet, got my injuries sorted out so that I was able to complete my intended challenge. I've now become a fan of osteopathy and attend Ann's clinic on a monthly basis for regular maintenance treatment in the anticipation that this will help to prevent problems arising in the future as I continue with sporting activities""

M. Allen, Essendon, Hertfordshire

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